Intuitive Life Coach, Devra Jacobs (psychic) with Arch Angel Michael

I have been a professional Intuitive Reader for over 30 years. In my professional career I only took on clients by referral, but now I have stepped out of the Psychic Closet to work with everyone interested in learning to do this work for themselves. I have a unique connection with Arch Angel Michael since the age of 6, and he provides a multidimensional view of what is happening in someone's life.

It is my honor to share what Michael tells me with my clients and empower them to create their dream lives. I am very proud of my affiliation with

Michael says that “life really is a game, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. It’s learning how to master the play, learning the rules, and movement that produces the outcomes you want”. Because its a game, its always good to have a coach to assist you in this magnificent journey called your life.

Michael and I read your energies, with the assistance of your guides, spirits, and occasionally your loved ones who have passed over. With this approach your reading shifts as you shift. The moment you change what you are thinking or planning to do, the dimension of the reading changes, too.   I know we all have psychic abilities, but sometimes we are too close to a situation to read it clearly and without emotions clouding our judgement. That's when a reading from an outside source is helpful.

Most importantly I consider myself a real person living in the real world. I am direct and say exactly what I hear from your guides. My goal is to provide you with information that will allow you to move ahead in all facets of your life. Information you may not always want to look at, but can change your life. I do not sugar coat things and shoot straight from the hip standing in truth and integrity always. When I work with clients I want to empower you to do this work for yourself. We are all gifted in one area or another, and what I believe to be true is if you learn how to listen to your spirit then you will always  have our own best answers. I can assist you with learning how to do this.



Readings By Devra