Readings By Devra

and Arch Angel Michael

Dragon Energy

I have studied and worked with what I describe as "Dragon Energy" for  the last 18 years.

Dragons are a major part of the spiritual world that time has forgotten or have been ignored

as simple folk lore. They are strong, powerful, and present in our lives if you just tap into their energy.  

The ancient Celtic and Druid traditions understood that the god/goddess spirit created dragons to do

good works. 

It was taught to me many, many years ago that God made the dragons when God made man. So the story

goes like this...

When the earth was created and man, spirit/God/Goddess created 2,000 dragons to do many jobs to protect

both the people and planet earth. Some dragons protected the oceans, some were the guardians of truth and

the great records, and others were there to protect the land and its people. 

Over a thousand years went by with harmony. All of the earths inhabitants live together in joy and prospered.

But as man continued to grow and change so did man's search for knowledge. Many of the people on the earth created and followed new belief systems that in many cases viewed these magnificent dragons as evil or work of a devil. They started to fear these beautiful creatures and out of fear began to kill them. God saw this and was ashamed for their deeds, but understood they had been given free will. As a way to save these precious creatures, God converted them into spirit form. To this day they walk among us doing the missions of the creator.

The one major difference between  dragons  and humans is that they do not have the same karmic lessons. They are always here to do the job they were given on the planet. They don't have lessons to learn so they always come right back with the same intentions.

Dragons have a special gift to see 72 pleats of time at once. This mean simply that since humans are multidimensional creatures they are always moving within these pleats. The best description I can offer is if you think of landing at an airport and there are 72 runways in front of you... They all lead to the same destination, but with different experiences on landing. Some may be bumpier than others, some may be very calm and smooth. If you could see what they would be like before you landed, wouldn't that be easier. That's what I see in my readings.